Oasis brings one of the finest in-ground vinyl liner pools on the market. It combines a durable noncorrosive wall construction that will provide years and years of service. Our pools are packaged with TARA Liners, one of the finest vinyl liner manufacturers in the industry. 

● Choice of Liner Pattern

● Lifetime Limited Warranty On Walls 
● 20 year (5 years Full) Warranty on Liner 
● Lower Initial Investment
● Customizable Dimensions and Depths

Vinyl Liner Pools
Fiberglass Pools

In-Ground Pools

Imagine Pools is one of the premier fiberglass pool manufacturers in the pool industry.  All pools are manufactured in Tennessee at a state of the art facility in Knoxville. Imagine pools are made with 100% Vinyl Ester Resin combined with unmatched reinforcement in all 90-degree corners and reinforced further with a Centurion Core™ layer over the entire structure.

● Choice of surface color

● Lifetime Structural Warranty
● Lifetime Osmosis Warranty
● Durable Maintenance Free Construction
● Quicker Install Time

We strive to install your vision of a dream backyard by offering a wide variety shapes and sizes of vinyl liner pools and one-piece fiberglass pools. All of our pools are packaged with upgraded name brand equipment to make maintenance simple and worry free. We schedule our pool installations one at a time, with each job being completed from start to finish to dramatically reduce your installation time from a few months with other dealers down to 3-4 weeks with us. We are proud to keep all aspects from digging the swimming pool, installation of the pool structure, backfilling, plumbing, and electrical in-house with our staff.  The only aspect of construction that we subcontract is the concrete decking in which we work very closely with trusted local companies to ensure the best quality control.

Licensed and fully insured in the State of Tennesee