Onsite Services:
We offer convenient on-site service with knowledgeable staff for all of your service needs.

 Here are a few of the on-site services we offer:

  • Openings

  • Equipment Repairs

  • Equipment Installs

  • Sand Changes

  • Leak Testing

  • Diving (Underwater Repairs)

  • Acid Washing

  • Liner Repair

  • Painting Pools

  • Weekly Service

  • Safety Cover Installs

  • Diagnostics

  • Demolition of Pools & Decking 

  • Pressure Washing 

  • Tile Replacements 

  • Sandblasting

  • Cleaning Service

  • Automatic Pool Cleaner Repair

  • Inground Liner Replacement

  • Closings

  • And More !!!


Here at Mid-State Swimming Pool Co., LLC we are committed to offering the best on-site and in-store services in the middle Tennessee area, ranging from major renovations to routine maintenance. With certified pool operators on staff to deal with any situation that may arise. We send our technicians to seminars around the country during the off-season, to keep them up to date with the latest techniques, technologies, and products available in the industry.

In-store Services:

 We offer some services in store for fast repairs to equipment without having to wait for an onsite service call, with most repairs completed the same day.

Here are a few of the in-store services we offer:

  • Automatic Cleaner Diagnostics

  • Automatic Cleaner Repair

  • Pump Repair

  • Multiport Repair