Replacement Parts:

Looking for parts for your swimming pool equipment?  Call us, we probably have them in stock.
We stock most major brand parts used in the swimming pool industry.  If the part you need is out of stock, we can special order it and it is generally is received within 24 to 48 hours.  Contact us and we will be glad to check on the availability of the part you need. In order to save time please have the manufacturer name, model number, type of item, and the part number if possible.


We are a Bioguard® Pool & Spa Care Center and our experienced office staff is trained to help you with all of your pool care needs. We offer several different pool care programs to help you maintain a crystal clear and comfortable swimming experience all season long.

BioGuard offers professional quality products that are the best solution for your pool and spa care needs.

They include:

  • Chlorine and Non-Chlorine Sanitizers 
  • Algae Killing and Preventative Algaecides 
  • Shock to Remove Contaminants 
  • Saltwater Pool Care Products 
  • Cleaning and Problem Solvers 
  • Water Balancers 
  • Water Enhancers

The 3-Step Pool Care System 
They encourage the 3-Step Program approach to pool care. Simply put, it's the easiest way to sparkling clear pool water.

Free Computerized Water Testing and Analysis 
BioGuard pioneered the idea of computerized pool water analysis. Bring in a water sample from your pool today and we'll give you a complete, personalized analysis for start-up, closing, and maintenance. You'll receive a print-out of the products you need along with instructions on how to apply them to your pool.

 Here are some of the brands we stock:

We offer a wide range of products and services at our retail location on West College Street in Murfreesboro.

We have Pool Chemicals, Spa Supplies, Replacement Parts, Toys, Pumps, Filters, Salt Systems, Maintenance Equipment, Filter Sand, Winter Closing Supplies, Instore Repair Services, and Free Computerized Water Testing.  

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